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What is the International Ladies Group?

The Dresden International Ladies Group was founded in 1997 in order to bring together foreign women living in Dresden. Over the last years, more than 800 women have taken part in our monthly dinner and lunch meetings and group activities (e.g. Wellness Weekend and Annual Barbecue). Because of the group’s organic development, our aforementioned monthly dinners and lunches are more or less informal gatherings of women.

Each month brings a new mix of faces: women of diverse age, experience, nationality. It is always a pleasant surprise to see who is in attendance. Every dinner is different and it is difficult to say who will be there in a given month: although, patterns can be discerned through the years. In general, the group really is a forum for international women to come together, pool ideas, share information, give heartfelt support and, perhaps indirectly, engage all Dresden has to offer.

For more information contact info@ilg-dresden.de


1) monthly dinner and lunch meetings

2) wellness weekend

3) other activities currently by organised by group members

  • book club

  • children’s playgroup

Ladies Dinner

Our monthly dinner meeting takes place every first thursday each month at 7.00 p.m. at Max Restaurant , Wilsdruffer Str. 24 in central Dresden.

The lunches take place once a month on a Wednesday at the Schillergarten Restaurant near the Blaues Wunder Bridge.

Please contact info@ilg-dresden.de for more information.



Wellness Weekend

We are now in our 10th year of going for a health and relaxation weekend at a Spa hotel. It is an ideal chance to pamper yourself, see a bit of the surrounding countryside and get to know each other.